lerDupa Australia was founded by Janice Tade in 2017. It is the collection of Janice’s passions in life; conservation, scuba diving and art.

Janice has been a keen supporter of conservation efforts throughout her life. Learning to scuba dive in her 60s opened her to a new and magical world under water.

A passion for marine conservation was ignited, and a drive to protect this world from pollutants and to support its regeneration became a focus. Janice has volunteered in regular underwater cleanups in Indonesia and reef restoration efforts at Biodiversity Eco Resort in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. She also promotes marine awareness through Milly Molly, a pair of traveling mermaids who feature in many of her dive and travel adventures.

With a background in photography, interior decorating, and the fashion industry, Janice’s artistic eye is expressed through each piece of jewelry. She has a talent for sculpting the sea creatures she meets whilst diving into beautiful works of wearable art that represent their original appearance and movement. Her mermaid jewellery collection is inspired by mermaid myths and the mermaid community throughout the world.

Janice’s marine jewellery promotes awareness of marine conservation efforts, and inspires people to become involved. Dupa proudly contributes 20% of all profits to marine conservation projects. We support Shark Guardian, Reef Check Australia, Galleon Treasures, and the Australian Marine Conservation Society

Take a look at Milly Molly’s Facebook page here.

Friends doing great things...



Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort, is a dive resort in Indonesia with a strong focus on eco-friendliness and sustainability. Their huts are built in a traditional, sustainable manner with solar electricity .
Biodiversity’s local community programs include education, conservation and employment opportunities.
Visitors can volunteer to help with the coral nursery, thus Biodiversity encourages you to help the environment in recovering itself.


Whether you are an experienced diver or beginner, interested in free diving, diving with CCR - Rebreathers or even just snorkeling, we have something for everyone !

Enjoy the wonders of the life under the sea, let yourself be pampered on board, improve your knowledge of marine life and work to help protect reef and their inhabitants.


Joe's Gone Diving is a Dutch-owned  PADI 5* IDC dive center in Bali. Protecting our precious oceans and the marine life within is very important to us. We are a Shark Guardian dive center and have been awarded the PADI Green star award for our conservation efforts. We avoid the use of plastic water bottles wherever possible and have introduced options to refill water bottles on all of our dive trips. We regularly join clean ups, both on the beach and while diving.


Shark Guardian is a UK Charity for shark and marine conservation projects worldwide. Even though the charity is registered in the UK, Shark Guardian events and projects are active not only in the UK and Europe, but also in the Middle East, Africa and large areas of central, east and southern Asia. Shark Guardian protects sharks through conservation campaigns, educational programs and events, research projects and shark diving expeditions.


Reef Check Australia is an innovative citizen science focused charity dedicated to educating and empowering community volunteers to better understand, appreciate and protect oceans and marine environments. 

We are proud to support such initiatives through the sale of our marine themed jewellery online



My Name is Commodore Daniel Red and I started Galleon Treasures Parrot Sanctuary. It's purpose is to give birds a place to go when their owners can no longer take care of them. As parrots go they usually do not take to others easily, so most if not all of the Parrots taken in will probably remain here with the Sanctuary for the rest of their lives.


GOOODive Bonaire, a PADI dive centre in Bonaire, Dutch Antilles, is a part of the Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire together with five other dive schools. GOOODive is happy to be part of the foundation and to be able to give nature the helping hand it deserves. They help developing staghorn and Elkhorn coral nurseries and restoration sites along the coastlines of Bonaire and Klein Bonaire. This offers divers a chance to give something back to the underwater world. Dive for a worthy cause with this professional and fun team. 

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