Our Story

Dupa Australia was founded by Janice Tade in 2017. It is the collection of Janice’s passions in life; conservation, scuba diving, and art.

Janice has been a keen supporter of conservation efforts throughout her life. Learning to scuba dive in her 60s opened her to a new and magical world underwater.

A passion for marine conservation was ignited, and a drive to protect this world from pollutants and to support its regeneration became a focus. Janice has volunteered in regular underwater clean-ups in Indonesia and reef restoration efforts at Biodiversity Eco Resort in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. 

 She also promotes marine awareness through Milly Molly, a pair of traveling mermaids who feature in many of her dive and travel adventures.

With a background in photography, interior decorating, and the fashion industry, Janice’s artistic eye is expressed through each piece of jewellery. She has a talent for sculpting the sea creatures she meets whilst diving into beautiful works of wearable art that represent their original appearance and movement. Her mermaid collection is inspired by mermaid myths and the mermaid community throughout the world.

Janice’s jewellery promotes awareness of marine conservation efforts and inspires people to become involved. Dupa proudly contributes 20% of all profits to marine conservation projects. We support Shark GuardianReef Check AustraliaGalleon Treasures, and the Australian Marine Conservation Society

Take a look at Milly Molly’s Facebook page here.

The Making of Our Brand

Dupa’s ocean accessories are uniquely designed from real-life-inspired sea creatures. Janice enjoys the ocean and its treasures. Her ocean jewellery collection is a tribute to all marine life. All Dupa Australia’s jewellery is made ethically by Balinese artisans, which Janice has personally sourced while living in Bali. She supported and donate to the Balinese community in various ways and is welcomed as part of the local community.

Who are our jewellery pieces designed for?

Our lovely ocean jewellery collection is designed for beach lovers, divers, surfer chic’s, young women, and those young at heart. Our selection of affordable handmade Silver jewellery makes a beautiful keepsake gift for loved ones. 

Choose from a selection of mermaid jewellery, dolphins, sharks, shells, and more. Our Turtles, Starfish, and Seahorse charms are a popular and affordable gift idea people will love. We have a collection designed for children and young adults who appreciate nature and sealife.

What makes our jewellery pieces Special?

Dupa Australia is a local Perth, Western Australian business, we encourage support for the local community.

Our jewellery selection is custom designed and crafted using a lost-wax technique. An image of the design is carved in wax and a mold is then created from the wax image. 

Each piece is intricately made by handmade using Sterling Silver or bronze material. Our Sterling Silver collection will not change colour if worn while scuba diving, swimming, or around the ocean water.

Our products are ethically made in Indonesia therefore by purchasing our jewellery you also help support a strong local community of manufactures that provide great working conditions to their employees. 

The manufacturers share in our profits, along with local charities in the community. They assist their staff and the Balinese community by offering free laughing yoga and meditation. 

Janice has visited Bali multiple times making a large contribution to help encourage the conditions of workers in the community and they have now become like family.

Create & build your Jewellery

If you are after something extra special or personalised, then you have the option to build your own jewellery pendant or bracelet. Simply select your style of chain, anklet, or bracelet, then add your charms and spacer beads. These make great special occasion jewellery pieces for gifts such as Birthdays, or Christmas presents.

You will receive your custom-made Jewellery in a branded cloth bag, delivered directly for a standard postage flat rate of only $5 within Australia.

Conserving our Ocean

Each jewellery piece contributes to the conservation of our ocean. Dupa Australia is a passionate brand of conserving the ocean and giving back to nature. When you purchase anything from our website, part of the proceeds goes back into looking after our wonderful planet. 

Dupa Australia proudly contributes 20% of all profits to marine conservation projects. We support Shark GuardianReef Check AustraliaGalleon Treasures, and the Australian Marine Conservation Society.